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Connell makes bid for local tennis


President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association (SVGTA) Grant Connell attended an International Tennis Federation (ITF) General Meeting in El Salvador where he put on the table a proposal for the SVGTA to host an international junior tennis tournament in 2007.{{more}}

A release from the SVGTA states “In order to compete on an international level, the tennis facility would need to be upgraded so that we in St.Vincent would be able to host bigger tournaments and offer better hospitality which would attract the highest ranked players. At present, hotel rates are prohibitive. The president is of the view that a facility would need to be constructed to offer affordable accommodation to sports teams that visit to participate locally.”

The release continued “the Villa facility would need to boost accommodation which would include gym facilities and, with this in mind, the SVGTA has sought meetings with the Ministry of Sport and the National Sports Council, in an effort to fully develop the lands which were set aside for tennis development as far back as in the 90s. An estimate for the upgrade is US 1.5M and the President is confident that from meetings held with representatives of a company in New York, returns on the investment can be expected as soon as August next year.

“Connell posits that all sporting disciplines stand to benefit from the development of the facility at Villa…The Tennis Association looks forward to working in tandem with the Ministry to achieve this goal.”