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Wayne Williams: The show will go on

Wayne Williams: The show will go on


The business of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation will go on despite the recent resignation of two executive members.

That’s the assurance of President of the local body Wayne Williams.

He was responding to the resignations of hard working General Secretary Sabrina Mitchell and Second Vice-President Cecil Chin.{{more}}

A forward looking Williams, instead, stated the constitution makes provisions for their replacement, and expects this to happen in the shortest possible time.

And Williams is not moved by the rumblings that more resignations may be forth coming.

“We in the executive have a mandate to fulfill,” was Williams’ rebuttal.

Unprepared to get involved in any verbal battle, Williams said that the two resignations came as no surprise as “the seeds were planted since the last Annual General Meeting”.

Williams was elected to the top spot in January beating his contender Junior Sutton by a single vote.

Both former executive members cited the “mediocrity” of the operations of the federation and the personal sacrifices they had to make as prompting their departure.

Williams admitted that his involvement in the National Olympic Committee over the past months for this country’s participation in the Commonwealth and Central American and Caribbean Games, affected his contribution to the federation.

He, however, pointed to his achievements since being confirmed as head in January, which saw the federation’s debt moving from over $20,000 down to about $6,000.

“I used my influence to get debt forgiveness,” Williams said.

“What happens with basketball for the next four years will reflect my competence or incompetence,” he quipped.

“I have been in the trenches for 20-odd years fighting to develop the sport in this country,” Williams claimed.

Adopting a philosophical approach, Williams said that he is not side-tracked by the latest developments.

“At present I am focussing on getting more of our young players out there on basketball scholarships,” he advanced.

A long-standing basketball administrator, Williams disclosed that he has secured scholarships for five new players, one of whom has already left the state.

“Adam Ambris of Layou has gone off to a US College with Gregg Peters who comes from Fairbaine Pasture expected to leave soon,” Williams disclosed.

His other areas of present concentration are getting various area committees in place, the refurbishing of the New Montrose hard court and staging of the men’s and women’s club championships before the end of the year.

Apart from Williams, those remaining on the executive are First Vice President – John Rawlins, Third Vice-President -Kerry Stewart, Treasurer – Marlon Nanton, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer – Ossana De Riggs, Games Secretary – Stanley Hinds and Public Relations Officer – Leroy Adams