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SVG to host Cricket World Cup Meeting


St. Vincent and the Grenadines is to host the meeting of Corporate Communications Directors from CWC 2007

Corporate Communications Directors from the nine host venues for the CWC 2007, gathered here Thursday, for two days of intense discussion on matters related to the promotion and marketing of the event.{{more}}

The two-day meeting will be held at the office of the SVG LOC, in the Howie Prince Building at Arnos Vale.

The meeting will be presided over by the Corporate Communications Director at the CWC 2007 office in Jamaica, Marvia Roach.

Also expected to attend will be the CWC 2007 Marketing Manager, Damon Leon, and the CEO of the Jamaica LOC, Robert Bryan.

Among some of the issues which will be discussed, will be the North American Diaspora Outreach Programme, the Indian launch of the CWC 2007, activities for the CWC mascot, Mello, and plans for the launch of the CWC 2007 anthem.

Each LOC is expected to report on activities within their territories, since the last Corporate Communications meeting in St.Lucia in June this year.

The meeting will end today and the directors will return to their respective territories over the weekend.