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Arnos Vale Playing Field on track for World Cup Cricket


Despite some difficulties with the availability of cement, construction work on the renovation of the Arnos Vale Playing Field, is moving ahead nicely.

That’s the word from Deirdre Myers, the Construction Consultant with the Local Organising Committee.{{more}}

Myers said that most of the projects at the Arnos Vale ground, were either ahead of schedule or on target.

At the moment architects are busy erecting the steel structure for the double-decker pavilion, which will house over 5,000 persons. This is being constructed at a cost of around $8 million by the firm of Gibson Construction.

Myers said that the cement situation did presented some challenges, but that the construction schedule was not adversely affected.

She added that there was some delay in the construction work on the media centre, but said that the contractors will make up the time, and this project will be on schedule.

The Arnos Vale ground is going through a major face-lift to prepare it for the hosting of the warm-up leg of the ICC Cricket World Cup next year.

Some of the work being done include: the re-grassing of the outfield with additional drainage, the building of a new players pavilion, and administrative centre, a new media centre and the double-decker pavilion.