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SVGFF fills positions on executive


The vacant positions on the executive committee of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) have been filled.

At a meeting of the General Council last Saturday, July 22, at Football House, Murray’s Road, Leopold Dopwell was elected unopposed as the Federation’s First Vice-President.{{more}}

Dopwell, who mounted a strong challenge against the incumbent St. Claire Leacock for the presidency in 2003, was rewarded in his fourth attempt at seeking election to the local body.

Although losing to Leacock, Dopwell was selected on the executive as one of two persons nominated by the President.

The post of First Vice-President became vacant in September 2004, when Ian Sardine resigned, following the sacking of the Technical Director Cess Podd and Head Coach Aide Shaw.

Dopwell will be responsible for technical matters and for development of the Federation.

Also elected unopposed at Saturday’s meeting was Alana Mac Master.

She holds the position of Assistant Secretary Operations. Mac Master will be responsible for keeping inventory of equipment, fixtures and facilities of the Federation.

Her elevation came as the executive was without this portfolio since 2004, when Sheldean Gregg resigned and subsequently migrated.

Mac Master also holds the position of Head of the Women’s Football Committee.

And, after almost three years, the number of elected officers from members of the General Council has been reached.

Elected were Othneil Douglas, Andrew Bramble, Guy Lowe and James Browne.

Leacock in his capacity appointed Paul Boucher to the council, but is still in search of another appointee to complete his quantum.

Leacock said he prefers his other appointee to be a female. He, at his re-election in 2003, had appointed Dopwell and Donald Thomas. The latter held the post of Public Relations Officer, before he was fired earlier this year by Leacock. Thomas was replaced by Asberth Williams.

Into the third of its four year term, the SVGFF is still to get going several of the 12 standing committees as stipulated by the constitution.

The life of the current executive ends next year.