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‘Valla’ secures League win for Hope international

‘Valla’ secures League win for Hope international


Action in the South Leeward Football League came to a climax on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at the Campden Park Playing Field. It saw two of the most popular teams in the tournament, Je Belle FC and Nemwil Hope International squaring off in the finals.

The match was very intense, with both teams having numerous scoring chances.{{more}}

The game was tied at 1-1 with goals coming from Cauldric Sutherland of Nemwil Hope and then from O’Dale Cupid for Je belle who scored the equalizer. Counting down to the final 10 minutes, substitute Rohan ‘Valla’ Keizer, coming on for Nemwil Hope pounced on a loose ball, banged it in the back of the box, thus restoring their hope of winning the competition. Their rejoicing was almost silenced as Je Belle FC missed a golden opportunity to send the game into extra time.

A quickly-taken free kick in stoppage time allowed space for striker Bertram Pitt to have a clear shot on goal. This attempt ricocheted off the cross bar bringing great relief to the Nemwil Hope supporters. That was the final kick before the game came to an end. Nemwil Hope 2 – Je belle 1.

The tournament had kicked off in early April.