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PESCO launches Earth Movers Vacation Program at Penniston

PESCO launches Earth Movers Vacation Program at Penniston


On Monday, July 17, 2006, the Penniston Educational Sports Cultural Organization (Pesco) officially launched its 7th annual “Earth Movers” Vacation Program at the Penniston Community Centre.

This year’s program runs under the theme ‘Positive change through youth participation’.{{more}}

President of PESCO, Michael Johnson, at the opening ceremony, welcomed all in attendance and explained the purpose of the two-week program. He stated that the basic end function of the program is to provide youth with different skills and have other activities that would not normally be conducted in schools.

Such activities would include arts and craft, religious educational, health talks, house keeping and a hike.

Community Development Field Officer for the area, Denise Harold, also made an address.

She stated the importance of the program, as it is to help the young ones to be more attuned to the environment.

These programs, she stated, help to show the youths how to keep the environment clean, to keep away from violence and also enhance their skills in different areas.

The program runs from July 16 to 28. At the end of the program the participants will be given certificates for their participation, and a display of exhibits will be available for public viewing.