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Netball Association head blasts rowdy players, fans

Netball Association head blasts rowdy players, fans


President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association, Doris Mc Intosh wants to see a change in conduct of players and spectators if the sport is to go forward.

Mc Intosh in reviewing this year’s Cable & Wireless National Netball Tournament, which ended last Sunday evening at the Kingstown Netball Centre, contended “There was an almost complete absence of discipline.”{{more}}

“I have been deeply disappointed in the conduct of many of our players on and off the court,” Mc Intosh said.

“It is beyond me that so many players who are either attending school or are employed; some of whom are, themselves raising children of their own could have been so evidently ill-disciplined,” she observed.

“What signals are we sending to the little ones? How can you expect to be regarded as role models?” Mc Intosh questioned.

Noticeably incensed with the latest trends in the sport, Mc Intosh opined, “It would seem that you are bent on destroying this noble women’s sport by your unacceptable demonstration of misconduct”.

“The game of netball must not be allowed to worm its way into the abyss of complete ill- discipline,” she warned.

Not mincing her words, Mc Intosh apportioned blame on some patrons.

“Spectators, you too must conduct yourselves in an orderly manner as ill-discipline was evident when you came to cheer on your favourite teams and players,” she said.

“Our blessed nation can never be expected to make the necessary steps along the path towards development if we don’t examine the way we behave,” Mc Intosh advised.

The local netball boss believes that one way of addressing the situation is for teams to form themselves into full-fledged clubs.

And, the Association in an effort to fast track the efforts will present prize monies won in the tournament in the team or club’s name, instead of to the manager or captain as what obtained in the past.

An advocate for this structure since her elevation to the top position in 2004, Mc Intosh urged team captains and managers to conduct sessions on behaviour and self-control for all players.

Frank in her observations, Mc Intosh said that her executive body has to do likewise.

Echoing Mc Intosh’s sentiments was Minister of Sports Glen Beache who was on hand last Sunday to see the two knock-out finals.

Beache said that he was not impressed with the remarks coming from some of the spectators and pleaded for a change in their deportment.

The tournament, which began on April 9, saw a reduction in the participating teams/clubs.

The 2006 edition represents the 12th year that the competition is sponsored by Cable & Wireless. The year also saw a reduction in the financial input by the company.