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Couman makes grand return to tennis court

Couman makes grand return to tennis court


In our April 29th, 2005 edition, Searchlight newspaper profiled the heartbreaking story of Rohan “Couman” Adams – a former national junior lawn tennis champion who succumbed to drug addiction and homelessness. As a boy, his talent was undeniable with victories over Alex Layne, O’Nike Spann, Enrique Riveroll, Grant Connell and other top juniors of the eighties, ensuring him a place in local lawn tennis history.{{more}}

On Tuesday last, it was as doubles partner to President of the SVGTA Grant Connell, that Couman made his return to the tennis court.

With flashes of his enormous tennis talent still evident, Couman did more than entertain the crowd. He offered a glimpse into what could have been, and the reality of what can happen when our sporting authorities and organizations are not equipped to assist youngsters with talent and challenges to overcome.

Connell lamented that now, more than ever, the National Sports Council must evolve to support tennis and other associations whose cadre of talented youth need more than lip service to develop.

“The National Sports Council which claims to be the governing body of Sports in this country really does nothing for the development of sport. Many disciplines remain without a home … their sport-talented youth go astray without proper support in a time when opportunities are available but remain untapped.”

He reasserted the position of the SVGTA to continue to assist those talented youth for whom tennis provides a ready escape.

The doubles team of Connell and Adams did not progress out of the first round, but Couman will participate in the remaining singles and doubles tournaments scheduled for the rest of the year as part of the association’s calendar of events.