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Vincy team to defend squash title

Vincy team to defend squash title


A nine-member local squash team has been named to defend the OECS Senior Squash Tournament in the British Virgin Islands May 31 to June 4.

The squad comprises Dr. Sherian Slater, Rachael Haslam, Greta Primus, and Deirdre Millington in the Women’s category, supported by James Bentick, Paul Cyrus, Shane Slater, Leroy Edwards, Collin Alexander and Keith Boyea on the men’s squad.{{more}}

The team was selected on the basis of the National Senior Squash Tournament, which wound up at the National Squash Centre last Friday.

Dr. Sherian Slater retained the top spot in the Female section while James Bentick retained his position in the Men’s Open.

Collin Alexander beat Leroy Edwards to win the Over-40 category, and Keith Boyea regained the Over-50 segment with a win over Leroy Lewis.