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SVGTTA elects new executive

SVGTTA elects new executive


Sean Stanley is the new President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Table Tennis Association.

He, along with four others was elected in uncontested elections, on Thursday, April 20, at a General Meeting of the association held at Olympic House. {{more}}

The association’s First Vice-President is Khalique Bailey, with Julian Sutherland serving as Secretary.

Joseph Carrington holds the post of Treasurer. The two Committee Members are Unica Velox and Kamal Hunte.

A meeting attended by nineteen persons, 17 who are active players, one past player and an infant, could not find personnel to fit the two other positions, as it was a chorus of “I decline”.

These posts will be filled as soon as possible, as the association looks outside its ranks.

Stanley had a two-year internship at the helm of an Interim Committee set up in 2004, after the Mark Charles-led executive was disbanded. It was the resignation of Elliot Charles who had held the position of Public Relations Officer on the committee, that fast forwarded the meeting, as only the two Stanleys were left standing.

Stanley, Charles, Saline Barbour-Stanley and Carmelita Jamieson formed the committee.

A meeting in which a hailstorm of fire and brimstone was expected to rain down, over the committee’s handling of its finances, turned instead into a shower of sobriety.

It took the inimitable style of Dougal Cox, whose methodical oratory quelled a potentially explosive evening.

The meeting also saw three different constitutions tabled, however judicious reasoning prevailed.