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Venner stars in squash


The SVG Squash Association Independence Tournament held from October 21 to 26 saw all players from beginners to national champions competing in four categories.

The senior open was put on a level playing field by utilizing a handicap régime whilst the juniors had a massively interesting round robin play-off. The beginners were dominated by 11-year-old Kevin Hannaway, followed by Gabriella Ambrose, 2nd and Patrice Bascombe, 3rd.{{more}}

Spirited performances came from Tiwanda Phillips and Kenica Lewis, both only aged 8.

The intermediate rounds saw Andrez Bascombe holding onto his title by defeating Isis Gonsalves into 2nd place. Third was Ian Sheridan.

Advanced juniors gave us no surprises as local star boy Diarra Venner cruised to the finish line followed by fast rising stars Kevin Bailey and Bradley Glasgow. In the Senior competition James Bentick won followed by Colin Alexander, 2nd and Steve Olliverre, 3rd.