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Qualification process for CAC football unveiled


CONCACAF last weekunveiled the qualification process for the CFU (Caribbean Football Union) and the UNCAF (Union Centroamericana de Fútbol) regions for the 2006 Central American & Caribbean (CAC) Games in Cartagena, Colombia.

Four UNCAF teams will progress from the Under-21 men’s football competition at the Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos in Ciudad de Guatemala in December. {{more}}

CFU qualifying takes the form of five groups of three teams to play on a round-robin basis with each group winner qualifying to the CAC games.

The CFU Group 1 has Aruba, Puerto Rico and the host Barbados, while Group 2 takes place in Trinidad and Tobago along with visitors Dominica and Haiti.

The Netherlands Antilles hosts Group 3 with St. Lucia and US Virgin Islands, while Cuba greets Antigua and Barbuda and St. Vincent and The Grenadines in Group 4. Group 5 will be held in Surinam and includes Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Dates for these group fixtures will be announced in due course.

Along with the CFU and UNCAF qualifiers, the men’s football tournament at the CAC Games next July will also include Mexico, Venezuela and the host, Colombia.