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SVG footballers violating regulation

SVG footballers violating regulation


The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) has a major problem on its hand, as several players are contravening article 34:4 of its constitution.

The article, which covers the legitimacy of the transfer of players, requires the proper documentation and clearance by the local governing body.

Investigations show that the SVGFF received four applications for transfer, and all were granted. {{more}}

However, there has been wholesale movement of players among teams and clubs as the league season is into full swing, re-inventing what occurred some years ago when one player was able to play for various clubs.

Third Vice-President of the SVGFF, Clyde Robinson, said he was aware of the problem of the unconstitutional movement of players.

Robinson disclosed that there have been queries concerning the eligibility of some players.

Robinson, who also holds the portfolio responsible for competitions, stated that the “federation allows for one club or team to play in two different leagues: one player to one club or team”.

“Any player violating that regulation, is in breach of the constitution, and would be kicked out and face further disciplinary actions”, Robinson stated emphatically.

He though acknowledged that the federation had no database of players registered with the various leagues, hence compounding the issue.

The genesis of the problem of the “free for all” may have began when several players were allowed to play at the start of the Barrouallie league, which opened July 31.

Robinson is the head of that league, confessed that he had given permission to one player (Darren Francis) to participate in that league knowing that he was not duly transferred.

Confessing that he “erred”, Robinson said that particular situation was dealt with for the federation level.

Francis has since appeared for Nemwil Hope International in the Premier Division of the Pepsi Sion Hill League.

With the horses bolted, Robinson is proposing a meeting with the leagues and clubs involved, stemming the flow the free movement of players.

He further proposed photograph identification of all footballers in the leagues, as another solution.

Accepting that the onus is on the SVGFF, Robinson cited the lack of finance as an immediate hindrance of the implementation of the system.

And, with the leagues still awaiting the $5000 promised by President of the SVGFF St. Claire Leacock, everything falls back into the lap of the local parent body.

Robinson revealed that the promised sum might not be forthcoming as the federation is in debt of “close to or surpassing a million dollars”.

The lack of funds has forced federation in the last few months to significantly trim its office staff from five to two.

Robinson admitted that the federation recently received a portion of its outstanding draw down from FIFA, but this quickly soaked up with the honouring of some of the debts.