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X-Cel Tennis Academy receives Cable & Wireless support


X-Cel Tennis Academy, run by Ke-Bak-Jah King and Samantha Goodluck has received sponsorship from Cable & Wireless as the tennis academy prepares to travel to St. Lucia to take part in an International Tennis Federation tournament. {{more}}

Team member Danielle Cupid who has been on the team for four years said, “I am happy to be a part of this program. It gives us something to do and hopefully it will help us be successful in getting a scholarship.”

As co-owner of X-Cel, Samantha Goodluck states, “It opens up many opportunities to build relationships, meet new people, and see new cultures. The players come from as far as Japan for this upcoming tournament.

“It is nice to see Cable & Wireless reach out and continue youth development in SVG.”