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Body Building and Fitness athletes warned

Body Building and Fitness athletes warned


Even though the results have been announced, and winners have collected their trophies and awards, they have to wait two months before their efforts are declared to be official.

Carol Taylor, Assistant General secretary/treasurer of the Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding Fitness Federation issued the warning last Tuesday. {{more}}She referred to the ‘Doping’ performed by the International BodyBuilding Federation last Saturday night.

The Tests were done on the participants at the New Montrose Hotel soon after the championship closed at Peace Memorial Hall in capital City Kingstown.

Taylor, alongside Vincentian Korean Williams, emphasised the Federation’s seriousness with the Doping policy. As far as Taylor was concerned, Body Building was enjoying a satisfactory record, given the incidences of doping violations that had surfaced in that sport.

But she warned Bodybuilding and Fitness athletes to be careful when consuming any substance.

“When you are not familiar with the contents of a product, consult with a local medical practitioner in the Sports medicine department,” Taylor said.

Taylor, a committed Bodybuilding executive, noted the importance of weight training to the overall fitness of all sport personnel.

She decried the tendency that the concept of Bodybuilding is not given the attention it deserves. Taylor pointed out that persons look at bodybuilders

as a “pack of muscles,” but she noted the fitness and hygienic values of the sport.

Taylor also spoke of the election of a new Central American and Caribbean executive scheduled for Jamaica next year.