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Morris brothers re-establish links

Morris brothers re-establish links

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When one mentions the name Morris in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, one sport automatically comes to mind – football.

Those who followed the sport during the early 70s would recall the exploits of the Morris brothers. Three of them represented this country at the national level, and their contribution has been phenomenal. {{more}}

Stanley (Luxy), Pete, and Desmond have been icons in national soccer. Stanley was the solid defender, dependable, with a knack for soccer reflective of the family’s dedication to the game.

On any team, the Morrises formed part of the nucleus of that composition. Pete was the midfield general, with deft and skillful touches. His goal scoring ability was useful which he employed regularly, and he formed a formidable combination with persons like Keith ‘Slick’ Bonadie, and the Millingtons: Elliot ‘Mory,’ and Sheen, in midfield, and Raulty and Guy Lowe in the forward line. But he was the ultimate team player and generated heat in the engine room.

‘Des’ was the nippy striker who never abandoned his commitment to the team, and when it mattered he was as stalwart a defender as the main stopper.

With their record on the field, it was hard to get the Morrises out of the game. In fact, their passion has grown, and they are intent on sharing their experience with their Vincentian fellowmen. For theirs is a labour of love and nothing is going to stop them.

The Morris brothers joined with Barry Hackett to create “Touchmaster,” a coaching academy in the USA. But they are committed to their homeland.

They have cultivated the “Total Touch Philosophy” which according to Des “emphasises ball touch finesse achieved through a series of systematic ball exercises, moves and footwork resulting in the development of superior fundamental skills.”

Des and Pete along with goalkeeper Paul Delostritto set up camp on Vincentian soil in July. They will be here until late August, and during that time, you can expect an injection of soccer related programmes. And the nation will benefit.

Touchmaster has some equipment to give away this weekend in addition to conducting coaching clinics. A number of youngsters are expected to benefit from the new coaching techniques.