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Pembroke track comes alive

Pembroke track comes alive


Some 7,000 spectators at the Pembroke motor bike dirt track were amazed by some acrobatic and aero-dynamical stunts performed by regional bikers at the PPG Independence Bike Fest Moto Cross Event held last Sunday at Pembroke.

The concept conceived for the second year by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cool Riders Club, saw over 100 bikers participating in the all day event which was set in the lush green valley.

Bikers from St Lucia, Grenada, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Tortola, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda competed in the: Junior Class, A-Class, B-Class, Veteran, Free Style and Dash for Cash categories and won trophies and cash prizes.

Public Relations Officer, PRO, Jacqueline Browne-King said that the event was an improvement from last year’s where dexterity, speed and competitiveness were highly visible. {{more}}

Browne-King said that safety was always a priority at the event and that a medical team of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, an ambulance, fire extinguishers and the Red Cross was always present. The PRO stressed that bikers had to comply with the stipulations such as wearing their helmets and thrive on their motto of “Love, Respect, Discipline, Safety and Awareness.”

Meanwhile Co-ordinator of the Independence Bike Fest Moto Cross Event Leroy “Fly” Edwards believes that St Vincent and the Grenadines is fast becoming the home of PPG Moto Cross Racing.

Edwards pointed out that during the past week 100 regional bikers and some 500 members from the various biking associations and the United States congregated on the island and stayed in various hotels and shopped while they participated in the PPG Independence Moto Cross Event.

The co-ordinator revealed that leasing the land at Pembroke and putting together the activity was costly with some $20,000 in cash prizes and $5,000 worth in trophies.

He however stressed that the expense was worth it, since not only were there visitors but also that the regional press was covering the event, which is a form of promotion.

He emphasised that the aim of the SVG Cool Riders Association is to have this country as the hub for motor cross racing and to increase the number of riders from various territories.

Edwards noted that Cuba and Guadeloupe hope to participate in next year’s event but in February 2007 the SVG Cool Riders Association would be taking part in St Lucia’s independence celebrations and during Easter would participate in Grenada’s Bike Fest.

The PPG Independence Bike Fest is on the calendar of events for the Ministry of Tourism and they officially participated in the independence celebrations on October 21 at the Victoria Park. A member of the Grenada contingent presented a plaque to this country’s Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves at the rally.

Edwards expressed appreciation to all sponsors and participants at the event but called for more concessions from government on the bikes that were brought into the country for the event.

The SVG Cool Riders Association is not only a recreational club, it also conducts road and health safety classes at schools and community centres, supplies schools and hospitals with numerous donations and continues to help numerous elderly persons throughout the country.