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Under 23 Netball champions to be determined today

Under 23 Netball champions to be determined today


Today Friday September 1, the 2006 OECS ECCB Under 23 Championship would be determined. Barring any upsets yesterday, defending champions St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines were expected to remain unbeaten.{{more}}

The Vincentians beat Antigua Barbuda 47: 21 on Sunday and Dominica 42: 29 the following day.

St. Lucia overcame Antigua 51: 41, and St. Kitts 48:43.

Thursday’s matches featured SVG and St. Kitts, preceded by a St. Lucia/Dominica showdown.

Antigua and Barbuda plays St. Kitts today with St. Lucia and SVG in the final salvos.

Vincentian coach Sonja Lewis was candid when she spoke to Sports Xtra about this nation’s effort to recapture the title.

“Everyone has come here to win and would have been prepared,” Lewis said.

She predicted “a competitive game” but she thought, “SVG has the edge.”

“We have greater experience as several of our players are just out of the American Federation of Netball Association (AFNA) tournament.”