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Politics Foyle’s next move…

Politics Foyle’s next move…


Adonal Foyle, this country’s first and lone NBA basketballer, is not ruling out a future career in politics.

“At some point I don’t deny it that I will become politically opted”, Foyle responded when quizzed about his plans after retiring from professional basketball.{{more}}

A strong advocate on matters of democracy, Foyle stated that he is not certain at this point of his direction but is sure that he will always be politically active.

“I see myself always bringing democracy to the people,” Foyle said.

“It is important to have advocacy outside the political system where you can put pressure on the people in the system to hold true to the principles they vowed to do when they take office”, he advanced.

The 31-year-old Foyle in 2001 embarked on a programme in his adopted home of the USA, “Democracy Matters”. This was to give students a voice on pro-democracy issues and events.

“It is important to engage kids in politics at an early age so they will know what is demanded of them when they get this world we give to them”, Foyle stated.

“It is incumbent on us as a society to impart knowledge and beliefs to our kids, to give them the tools necessary to make good decisions”, he opined.

Foyle has three years left on his contract with the Golden State Warriors and is presently pursuing a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology.

The six foot ten inches tall centre entered the NBA in 1997 and has been giving back to his native St. Vincent and the Grenadines ever since.

Foyle three months ago launched his “Kerosene Lamp Foundation” on his native Canouan. This he said was to plan and implement youth centered programmes on the island.

He recently conducted a basketball island tour of three Grenadine islands, Canouan, Union Island and Bequia. In addition he made a substantive contribution towards this country’s participation to the Caricom Men’s Basketball Championships last June in Jamaica.