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Mini Soccer tourney concludes in Bequia


On August 19, 2006 the Bequia Youth Soccer program held a Mini Day Tournament at Clive Tannis Playing Field in Port Elizabeth Bequia. Seventy-three boys and girls between the ages of six years and 12 years participated in the event. The youngsters, who had been practicing and receiving coaching in the Bequia Youth Soccer program for over three months, competed in three age groups – 7 years and under; 8 to 9 years; and 10 to 12 years. The participants in the program were divided into teams of 6 to 9 players that played against one another in the respective age groups to determine the winners.{{more}} Team C, comprised of Roberto Bynoe, Inderia Andrews, Tavinor Forde, Reann Hazell, Eli Davis, Savio McKree, and Lauryn Richards won in the 7 and under age group. In the 8 to 9 years age group, the victor was Team B, which was made up of Trevorn John, Lincoln Daniel, Najee John, Camal Bess, Keanu McDonald and Shaian Woodley. In the 10 to 12 age group, Team B, comprised of Diego Phillips, Rockeem John, Nicholas Friday, Olanzo James, Javia Compton, Zeeshan Hazell, Akeem King, Javid Frederick and Shaquille Ollivierre triumphed over three other teams.

The Mini Day Tournament concluded with refreshments and the handing out of certificates to all the players. The certificates were given out by Parliamentary Representative for the Northern Grenadines, Dr. Godwin Friday, and by Mr. Sylvester Tannis, the President of the Bequia Football Association. The Bequia Youth Soccer program begins regular training sessions again on Saturday September 9th 2006.