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Lotteries Chairman: We are making every effort

Lotteries Chairman: We are making every effort


Chairman of the National Lotteries Authority Murray Bullock thinks that his organisation is making every effort to make Victoria Park available to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF).

Bullock’s stance is in light of the hold put on the Guinness Inter-League competition.{{more}}

The competition opened August 19, but had to be suspended after the NLA insisted the further restorative work was needed on the facility.

“After Carnival a lot of damage was done and we were advised that we should rest the park for three months for extra work to be done”, Bullock said.

Advocating his efforts of fast forwarding the process, Bullock stated, “ last Saturday two heavy rollers were put on the park to speed up the work”.

“We are making every effort to make the park ready’, he said.

“ After three weeks, we would assess the situation to see if it is ready”, Bullock revealed.

It was evident at the opening that the SVGFF and the NLA were at loggerheads over the readiness of the Victoria Park.

Negotiations stalled at a meeting held Monday August 21, and the SVGFF’s compromise position of use only on weekends did not mesh with the wishes of the officials of the NLA, hence the stand off.

Victoria Park has been the local Mecca for football for many years. Football was absent from that facility for the past three years as extensive refurbishing was undertaken.

Bullock said that the NLA has spent over $1.5 million on enhancing the venue, since taking charge of it in 2004.