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Beware of Drugs, Doping Control Officer warns

Beware of Drugs, Doping  Control Officer warns


Beware athletes. That’s the warning coming from one of this country’s designated Doping Control Officer (DCO), Thelma Foster.

The DCO said that soon this country’s athletes will be exposed to drug testing.

Foster and Rudi Daniel last February attended a course in Grenada, to receive training in this field.{{more}}

“Once you intend to take part in athletics, you will be subjected to testing in season and out of season”, Foster stated forcefully.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a member of the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation, which is a part of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Although this country has been slow to get the proper systems in place, she sees that is not a reason for athletes to get complacent and try to cheat.

She said that with the rise in performance of middle distance athlete Kineke Alexander, this country will be into focus.

US based Vincentian sprinter Natasha Mayers is currently serving a four year ban. She tested positive last year for having above the accepted level of testosterone in her body.

The world was shocked in the past week to learn that Olympic 100m champions Justin Gatlin and Marion Jones both tested positive.

The IAAF gave Gatlin a minimum four year ban after brokering a deal with the US authorities, stating that he will help in the battle against doping in sports.

Jones on the other hand is awaiting the results of the B sample to know her fate.

These follow on the heels of 2006 Tour de France winner Floyd Landis who was also stripped of his glory after he was found guilty of doping.

Doping has become the in thing in international sports as athletes use every means necessary to attain stardom.

While athletics is having its fair share of disgrace, local footballers at last world cup qualifiers were subjected to drug testing. Those who got into the sample got a clean bill. FIFA is following other international sporting bodies to rid the sport of cheats.