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Yvonne Llewellyn – 35-year employee

Yvonne Llewellyn  – 35-year  employee


This Sunset Shores employee started working at the hotel 35 years ago as a receptionist and now holds the position of accountant.

“It wasn’t a position that I applied for. I think they saw something in me and moved me to accounting,” Yvonne Llewelyn told SEARCHLIGHT.

The Sion Hill resident, a dedicated employee, said she started working at the hotel on January 28, 1983 and she has lived to see the establishment expand and grow.

“It was a very challenging few years, but I stayed because the job is not bad despite ups and downs and challenges,” said Llewelyn, who noted that she is proud of the changes that have taken place.

“The place has changed a lot; we have added on more rooms, added more staff. When I came, there were 20 rooms; now there are 32,” Llewelyn stated.

She said when she came to work at Sunset Shores, there were two receptionists, three people in the kitchen, three in the bar, two in the laundry and two gardeners.

She said that the hotel now has more staff that cater to the everyday needs of the guests.

“It’s a great place to stay,” said Llewelyn, who revealed that they have catered to many dignitaries, including sportsmen (cricket teams from the region and beyond) and Prime Ministers, like Dame Eugenia Charles (Dominica), Eric Gairy (first prime minister of Grenada), and Patrick Manning (Trinidad). Llewelyn noted that the hotel is poised to benefit from the lift that the Argyle International Airport (AIA) is expected to bring.

Other employees who have worked for more than 25 years are: Grace Clarke (34 years), Rudolph Quashie (32 years), Tafreda Pompey (31 years) and Sandra King (30 years).