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Holder impressed with growth of ECGC

Holder impressed with growth of ECGC


Fitzroy Holder started working at the East Caribbean Flour Mills on January 5, 1978, a few months after the company opened its doors in December 1977.

And according to the mill operator, “it was a hard struggle, a fight, but I made it by the mercy of God. I came when things were down, things were tight; but things up now.”

Holder is one of a handful of employees who has been with the ECGC since its inception. He is now a mill assistant supervisor who works along with seven persons, and the Top Questelles resident loves his job.

“Most of all, I enjoy working with my co-workers and management; they treat me good. It is a very nice company to work with and when you get in here, you work and don’t watch no face…the job helps us pay our bills and we have to do our best to take care of the company,” Holder said in a recent interview.

The dedicated worker sang high praises for the ECGC and works with the sole intention of bettering himself and as a result, lifting the company.

“When you work to the best of your ability, the company will lift, and you will lift up also. I know the way around. I here from day one,” said Holder, who is so confident that he blurted out, “there is nothing new a person could tell me.”

Holder recalled coming to work at the company with Austin Bailey as his first supervisor and stated that he is impressed with the growth of the company over the years.

“A lot of changes [have taken place], like in production. We used to just make flour, now we have different varieties (of flour) and products and that is an improvement,” said Holder, who is proud of the ECGC’s ability to export its products.