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Designers happy with gateway to Fashion Week in Nassau

Designers happy with gateway to Fashion Week in Nassau

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Seasoned designers Deb E. Barbour and Kimya Glasgow are happy that the Business Gateway provided the assistance to get them the exposure they gained at the Islands of the World Fashion Week (IWFW) in Nassau, Bahamas. They were particularly grateful for Business Gateway’s support in what they say was a very costly exercise.{{more}}

Deb E, who had a collection of evening and bridal wear, says she was able to fulfill her goal there.

“My goal was obviously to meet buyers and sell the garments because it’s nice to see your creations in the shops; but unfortunately there were no buyers due to the economic crisis. I have fulfilled my goal in the sense that I’ve met different media from around the world who are interested in my collection. I’ve had interviews with them and they’re going to put it [the interview] in their magazines.”

Kimya says her clothing line compared favourably with other designers, and she now has to follow up on potential buyers. She is mindful, though, that without the Gateway’s assistance, she would not have made it to Islands of the World Fashion Week.

“I am very grateful for the support of CED as it would have been highly unlikely that I would have been able to afford it on my own. A full budget, including accommodation, airfare, raw materials, production costs, accessories, promotional material and incidentals, would have been in the vicinity of EC$10,000,” says Kimya.

“I think that it is important that designers get support to attend the next IWFW as by then we should be better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities from this show and shows of this nature. It is difficult to raise the capital investment to pay these marketing opportunities, hence rendering us less competitive than our counterparts in other countries.”

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