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Monty Maule gives motivational speech

Monty Maule gives motivational speech

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The staff of the Ministry of Tourism had the opportunity on Tuesday to hear a motivational speech from Managing Director of St. Vincent Corrugated Containers – Monty Maule. This as the Ministry of Tourism celebrated its annual Tourism Week of activities 2008.{{more}}

Maule addressed a staff grouping of over 50 persons on issues pertaining to Work Ethics, Leadership and Productivity. He reminded Tourism Staff of their value in words such as “Whatever you exhibit to the visitor who comes to our shores starts right here among the people who work in the ministry of tourism”. He also expressed that Tourism Staff ought to “consider yourself extremely fortunate because from here you have the opportunity to contribute to the development of your country”

The Minister of Tourism – Glen Beache also addressed his staff with words of optimism despite the world’s economic crisis. He reminded staff of the need to be on top of their game, reiterating the fact that “one bad experience is a potential loss of hundreds of dollars”. “We have a great product but it will take every member of staff and every Vincentian to make things work,” expressed Minister Beache.

Members of staff spent the remainder of the morning interacting with each other, with some openly expressing words of gratitude and encouragement to fellow members of staff.