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Get tested for Cervical and Breast Cancer

Get tested for Cervical and Breast Cancer

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President’s Message

October was internationally recognized as Breast Cancer awareness month. The Cancer Society is supportive of all women who have been affected by Breast Cancer. In SVG Breast and Cervical cancers are the leading cause of death in women dying from Cancers.{{more}}

The key to living and not succumbing to breast cancer is early diagnosis and treatment.

We hope that through public awareness and personal initiative that early detection can be made. Prevention strategies such as reducing dietary and environmental factors may assist in decreasing your risk. However genetic and environmental factors do play a great part in one getting cancer. Our goal therefore must be to ensure early detection by practicing breast palpation and doing mammograms.

The Cancer Society will continue to do public awareness and offer support to all women with breast cancer. Let’s work together to overcome this potentially deadly disease.

Ways one can help the Cancer Society.

1. Register to be a member, forms are available from any of the executive members or at the Cancer Society’s Thrift Shop.

2. Participate in fund-raising activities.

3. Participate in educational outreach .

4. If you are a cancer survivor, join the Cansupport group. Call 5289000

5. Visit or contribute to our Thrift Shop at no. 15 McIntosh Market, Paul’s Avenue, open every Wednesdays 9.00am – 4.00pm.

6. Make monetary donation to the work of the Association.

Special thanks to the family and friends of the late Mr. Cecil Roberts.