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SVG loses an icon


by Lorna DeBique 02.MAY.08

I have known Mrs Small since we were young people together. I knew her, I knew her husband, and she was always a person who took a deep interest in people.{{more}}

She had a lot of innovative ideas. She was a font of knowledge. Sometimes we would be driving along, and Lorna could tell you the history of every single part of St. Vincent. I said to her “Lorna, let us write a history of St. Vincent” – because she knew it so intimately. She said yes, but she was so busy doing so many different things that we never really got together to do it.

Her death is a great loss. I have never met another person who had that sort of hands on knowledge about every area in St. Vincent, especially the country area. St. Vincent has lost not only an icon, but a mine of information.

I would like to extend my sympathy to her family, especially to her daughter Rosanne. Our love and our sympathy go out to you. I hope that God would give you the strength and courage to hold on. I am sure that when that (her death) happened, Lorna was helping somebody. She was reaching out to somebody. I know that God has blessed her, and that she died in the Lord.