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May we unite to do the right thing!

May we unite to do the right thing!


by Rosanne Small-Morgan 02.MAY.08

Words truly fail me in describing the true scope and magnitude of your love and support that you’ve given to me and my family. All I can simply say is, “thank you”. To my family and friends who have prayed and consoled me, you will have no idea how truly moving and helpful that was in my darkest hour.{{more}}

Lorna Small was a gift to her community, not just the community of SVG but of the world. She only gave and gave. She was a strong advocate in Education, making sure that our Public Library System was up to spec, affording every child the equal chance to have the opportunity to access materials for their Common Entrance, CXC and A’level examinations. She also started the BOOK MOBILE service, allowing people in far reaching communities to have access to the pleasure and knowledge of books. She never saw people in terms of class, she saw them in terms of fulfilling their true potential. Mommy would always encourage young people to seek more for themselves and, therefore, affording them a glimpse of a brighter future.

Mommy taught Sunday School from a very young woman, and her unwavering faith in God has been consistent. She was an active member/contributor to the Kingstown/Arnos Vale/Sion Hill Methodist Churches. Going to prayer meetings, woman’s league and helping to teach the young children to read, write and the correct ways of life. She also helped to prepare and serve meals to many destitute and shut in members of the society, no matter who you were.

When in America she would still spread her wisdom, faith and good thoughts to many that needed to be ministered to. She had an open door policy. No one was rejected. For those of you who knew her well she was a historian, she could plot any stranger’s family tree, just by a surname (now that is a true loss to our world!), and she was brilliant! My mother was a genius but never patted her own chest! Humble that she was!

Many people had the opportunity to live with us and knew that there was no difference in what she expected from me and what she expected from them. If you were with her you were safe, she was a protector of many! You saw first hand what it was to live your life in a dignified way.

Having said just a few things about my mother, I need this from you. For those of you who have asked me, “what can we do?” This is what I need from you; let not my mother’s murder be in vain! Please, when the time comes, when I ask all of you to come together to effect change not just for SVG but the Caribbean as a whole, do not shy away. With the crime and the influx of criminals that are being released into our society, no one is safe anymore! Let not another daughter, son, mother, or father feel the massive void and pain that my family is experiencing! Please do not sweep my mother’s murder and memory away as, “that was so sad”! She must not have been taken in vain!

Again, I do believe in forgiveness and that God is the director in my life (this was taught to me by my mother). However, there is change in the winds and I need your help. I hope you will be with me in my fight for change in the coming future!

The love for my mother is great and her love for me as well. However, I know her love for her God and the people around her was also evident and I ask you to keep her memory alive.

With many thanks to the community that has shown me much support, love and prayers.

Rosanne, Chris, Zoe and Zane…We will always love you, Mommy! RIP!