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Lorna was one of a kind


By Kathleen I Mason 02.MAY.08

Mrs Lorna Small formerly Allen, was one of a kind. She was quiet, yet outgoing, friendly and humourous. She had a remarkable memory, especially when it came to recalling important events, remembering people or tracing family linkages.{{more}}

She knew almost everybody, and would sometimes joke that when she was greeted by someone she did not readily recognize, but by looking at the person she was able to see some resemblance of an older relative, then she would say “Aren’t you related to so and so?” Nine out of ten times she was correct.

My early recollections of Lorna are attending Sunday School at the Kingstown Methodist Church, and as a form mate at the Girls’ High School.

The friendship grew and was supported by many other family friendships on both sides.

I had the pleasure of working along with her in different groups and projects. She always gave yeoman support in order to get things done. She never shirked responsibility, and was certainly a person you could depend on to pull her weight, and even go the extra mile if necessary.

Her training as a Librarian / Archivist blended well with her natural love for preserving what she perceived to be valuable and likely to be more so in the future.

Some persons may still remember the “Know your country” monthly tours to places of interest in St. Vincent, which were sponsored by the St. Vincent Benefit and Educational Club. Mrs Small was a member of the Organizing Committee.

Lorna also had a knack for giving words of comfort and encouragement to anyone she sensed was in need of a boost. This obviously sprang from her profound belief and faith in God. This in part is the Lorna Small I knew.

We thank God for the valuable contribution she was able to make. St. Vincent has benefited greatly from it. May her soul rest in peace.

Methodist Hymn Book, number 562 verse 1 by Charles Wesley:

God of all power, and truth and grace,
Which shall from age to age endure,
Whose word, when heaven and earth shall pass,
Remains and stands for ever sure.