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Young broadcasters taking it Ezee on 102

Young broadcasters taking it Ezee on 102



The baby of the SVGBC family Ezee Radio is the last of the four Broadcast Mediums to have been put on air, offering a diverse range of Easy listening music to radio fans here in SVG and throughout parts of the region.{{more}}

Shouldering the daily responsibility of providing soothing entertainment to Ezee Radio’s eclectic fan base are Akini Peters, a resident of Lauders, whose Morning Thrills gets the day started first with a spiritual connection and then segues into various genres of smooth groove music; from 11-4 is Sheer Serenity with Ms SVG 2004 Javorne Williams, whose musical tastes help create the right mood for an Ezee Lunch as well as a few more musical goodies, and Shanel Greene rounds it all off with her Ezee Evenings selections, making sure that each evening is relaxing and rejuvenating.