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West Side Connection

West Side Connection



West Side Connection Members: Rohan ‘DJ Kano’ Cornwall and DJ Cronic

Shift: 7-9 Thursday west side connection after work lime.{{more}}

The West Side Connection was formed 10 years ago by DJ Kano, who credits Hans King with his introduction to the field. King heard him playing at a Street Block-O and invited him to play on Hitz 103.7.

From then on, things took off for him, even gaining the title as the ‘Remix King’ and becoming a household name. He has also upgraded his knowledge in the different genres. This is critical as, according to him, he has played at functions where high dignitaries were in attendance.

Not only is Kano a DJ, but he is also one of the Radio Production personnel at SVG Broadcasting, specializing in audio editing and advertisement production for all three entities.