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The people behind the news

The people behind the news



The news department carries the very important task of preparing one of the most valuable packages of the organisation, as it covers the widest television audience contributing towards the educational development of the nation.{{more}}

As a result, staff is expected to be flexible, working long hours, in many cases under intense pressure preparing news and sports stories or features for the news casts on SVGTV, Hitz 103.7 and Ezee Radio. Hence there is no space for clock watchers.

It carries a staff of nine, including News and Sports reporters as well as Camera men. Richard Macleish acts as the News Director.

Rochelle Baptiste, who is currently at the U.W.I. pursuing a Diploma in Mass Communications, is the most senior reporter. Others in this department include Melessa Ballantyne, Dacia Tucker, Schwmon Peters and Shunice Butcher. Both Melessa and Dacia joined the staff in November 2005, while Schwmon and Shunice joined in October 2007 and January 2008, respectively. This department is responsible for what can be termed as the hard news department, as its daily responsibilities are to report on the social, economic and political issues whether locally, regionally or internationally. Balanced reporting is its watch word.

Sports Department: Michael Johnson – Senior sports reporter and Joel Richardson.

Both sports reporters at SVGBC have years of sports reporting experience, which is evident in their presentation of the sports week programme which they host. The sports team gives coverage to sporting activities throughout the length and breath of St Vincent and the Grenadines. They make it their business to keep the sporting fans updated about the events occurring regionally and internationally.

Camera men: Hassan Labban and Keith Cupid.

The Cameramen are the ‘hands on guys’ of the news department, with the critical responsibility of recording news and sports items. They are always on the go, as most of their work takes place in the field.


This Department is in charged with enhancing and preserving the public’s perception of the three entities that make up SVGBC, as well as ensuring that current and new clients are satisfied.

Sales and Marketing is staffed by a three person team comprising Candice Sealey, Head of the department, Donavan John, an avid music lover, party animal and all out soccer fanatic, and Keisher Billingy, whose passions for reading, writing and interacting complements her passion to “bring in business and build customer relationships to continue the further growth and development of the Company.”