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The Administrative staff

The Administrative staff



Hermina Medford has been working with the company for over 6 years in the administration department as a Receptionist. Her responsibilities include answering the phone and assisting clients with information about the company. She also carries additional duties.{{more}} Her interest in working at SVGBC developed after gaining experience in the field and being exposed to its daily activities. Before being employed at this company, she worked at the Canouan Bay Resort and the Steward Consultant Office in computing.

Agnes Gibson has been working here for over 11 years as an Administrative Clerk. Having gained a wealth of knowledge in the administration department, she is involved in mostly all aspects of the department. Her daily duties include the placements of radio bookings and ensuring they are aired. She also assists in Accounting and Advertising.

Agnes sees her department as significant, as it contributes greatly to the revenue generation.

Madlyn Gibson has been working in the administration department as a clerk for almost 20 years. She is responsible for the placement of TV bookings; she is also involved in invoicing and at times assists the Technical Staff.

Lavern Edwards is one of the longest working employees of this organization, with 25 years of experience under her belt. Her main responsibility is accounting, but she also handles the day to day transactions.

She sees her department’s role as being very important, as it ensures that the company is financially sound. She has spent most of her professional life at SVGBC and holds its interests at heart, as she has been here from its inception. During her time of service Lavern has enjoyed meeting new people and the benefits she receives personally and professionally. She also enjoys seeing the company grow from where it was to where it is now.