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Studio 1NE – The TV Production Department

Studio 1NE – The TV Production Department



The branch with the unique task of maintaining and enhancing the visual products that the Corporation offers, Studio 1NE, is said to be “paving the way for a new look to Vincentian Television & the current TV culture.”{{more}}

A five-man team, the production department is managed by Maxian Harry – Group Programme Manager, and immediately supervised by American born, Guyanese raised Yaphet Jackman, who sees his job as having to “maintain a standard of all productions coming out of Studio 1NE.”

Colville “Shady” Layne, a member of staff for the last three years, is the most recent addition to the production team. Now an assistant videographer to Jackman, he says “the need for proper videography” turned him on to his choice of occupation.

Andre McLean, another long time employee (6 years running) and videographer, believes that his department’s particular contribution to the Company, complimented with his skills as Programme Editor and graphics, promos and intros creator, “helps to improve the company’s look and feel.”

Also augmenting the Department’s role is Technical Operator Randel Woods of Caruth, Marriaqua. Woods, who also doubles as the Company’s Maintenance Technician, understands his department’s input since, he said, he realizes that immediate responsibility for broadcasting to the public and generally selling the Company’s clients often rests with Studio 1NE.