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Richard MacLeish is Assistant Manager

Richard MacLeish is Assistant Manager



Richard MacLeish joined SVGBC in 1987 after graduating from Lewis University in the US with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics.{{more}}

Richard has dabbled in every aspect of production at the company and currently acts as News Director.

During his stint at the company, Richard has seen many firsts, including the company moving from a one entity media to a four business unit corporation. The company was the first on radio to broadcast 24/7 Carnival music prior to and during the festival. Through Hitz 103.7, the company so far has been the only media house to broadcast Live from sound trucks in Carnival street parties such as J’ouvert, Monday evening and Mardi Gras Jams. He also describes the company as an industry leader, as SVGTV was the first to do Live outside T.V broadcasts in the OECS. Richard initially established and Soca Swing, which has focused primarily on showcasing Vincentian talent.

Richard, who is an avid debater and former collegiate tennis player, is intimately involved in community development and has contributed to the growth of several Mas Bands, including Nelson Bloc, Mirage, Blondie Bird and Dragons, along with other sporting organisations.

He is a director at the National Commercial Bank, the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, the Caribbean Media Corporation, the Upstage Calypso Tent, and Rise 2007 J’ouvert band. He is also a member of the Blues and Rhythm Festival committee.