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Paul MacLeish is Managing Director

Paul MacLeish is Managing Director



In 1980, Paul MacLeish, along with 6 other visionaries, bought the assets of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Television network and building, a television station that existed long before Cable T.V.{{more}}

Charged with the responsibility to oversee the daily functions of the company, Paul MacLeish, at the beginning of the company, was the only staff member. However, since then, the company has grown, employing at least 33 fulltime staff members and a host of other part timers.

Under his leadership, SVGBC has moved from a small unit at Dorsetshire Hill relaying TV from Barbados to an entity that has 11 other repeater stations located throughout the island, giving television coverage to every village in this country.

Hitz 103.7 was also the first FM station in the country to obtain an FM licence.

While Paul MacLeish is renowned for his work at SVGBC, he came to the company with a wealth of experience in his chosen field. Paul MacLeish developed a love for mass communications after exposure to amateur radio at Presentation College in Grenada, where he obtained his secondary education; he was further trained in Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago in the technical department. He then worked with an English company that had the responsibility for all the aero metrical communications through out the Eastern Caribbean. That company’s headquarters was in Trinidad and Tobago. He was the technical person responsible for the three locations existing here.

Paul MacLeish is very work oriented, which he attributes to his generation.