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‘Outlaw’ still shooting out the Hitz

‘Outlaw’ still shooting out the Hitz



Nigel “Outlah” Bynoe is a cool, no-worries kind of guy. Born on September 7th, this quiet, unassuming radio personality got his feet wet in the field through his hosting of the Nu Koncep International radio programme.{{more}} He is a DJ in his own right, preferring to juggle Conscious Reggae and Hip Hop cutz, but when put behind a mic, Nigel comes alive with passion that matches most. His other loves are Soccer and Basketball.

Nigel last played soccer, seriously, for his high school, but has since relegated his talents to observing from the sidelines. He has a soft side, musically, and favours R&B when he feels the need to communicates with the ladies. Nigel prefers to let his music do the talking.