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Maxian Harry– Group Programme Manager

Maxian Harry– Group Programme Manager



Maxian Harry has been in the broadcast industry for 24 years, making the transition from part time D.J to radio announcer, hosting many television and radio programmes, to Sales and Marketing Manager, and now Group Programme Manager.{{more}}

Harry, who joined the SVGBC family in 1998, is responsible for the programming across the three brands. Since taking over the department, he has created ‘Super Saturdays’, which is aired from Noon each Saturday on SVGTV. It focuses on arts, entertainment, science and sports. Under his leadership, the public can look forward to more local programming on SVGBTV, including the News presentation in the future and the featuring of health issues, in keeping with the wellness revolution.

Harry describes himself as a people person whose greatest moments were experienced when he was a radio announcer. Max was instrumental in building the Deuce Morning radio program; he was one of the original members and can be credited as setting a trend for others to follow.

Over these years, Harry has sought greater knowledge in his career of choice and has to his credit a Diploma in Mass Communications from the University of the West Indies, a Certification of Merit in Broadcast Journalism, Radio Documentary, Historical Documentary, written paper and portrait from CARIMAC, and radio features and magazines from UNESCO.

Harry also has training in photography and outside broadcasts.