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Hitz FM Announcers

Hitz FM Announcers



Kahlil Cato, a born Barbadian with Vincentian heritage, has been giving his services to this company for over 5 years as a radio announcer on the Duece – “Wake up and Go morning show”.{{more}}

Cato, known as “Gruve Master” by his listening audience, presents an energetic and entertaining morning show designed to get people ready for their day. After completing his secondary education in 1996, Cato attended the Missouri Valley College, graduating in 2001 with a B.A in Mass Communications.

The sport enthusiast became interested in radio after being introduced to the field in Trinidad while working at an FM radio station there. He enjoys discussing social issues such as violence and HIV/AIDS among the nation’s youth. The response or feedback from listeners motivates him daily. He has recently been added to the SVGTV Evening News presenters’ team.

Earl “The Dream” Abbott has been rendering his services to this company for over a year as a radio announcer. He, alongside Khalil Cato, drives the Morning Show, which he sees as a very competitive and productive programme.

Earl began his career in 1997 at W.E FM and then on to NBC radio, which triggered his interest in the mass media. He feels very privileged to be a radio announcer, as he sees it as an opportunity to positively influence people, after making it his responsibility to research information. Earl sees the Hitz 103.7 as a maturing station and looks forward to its further development.

Monique Veronica Hoyte, known as “Lady M”
, has been a radio announcer on the Mid-Morning show for over seven years.

She describes her shift as very informative, interactive, educational and entertaining, which targets all age groups.

Monique has always had an interest in mass communication. She feels a sense of accomplishment when her listening audience feels satisfied with her work. She enjoys discussing issues such as juvenile delinquency, Aids, violence and crime.
Having the knowledge that every song played can have an influence on an individual, Monique likes to send positive messages to uplift persons in whatever situation they may be in.

Jason “Galanaire” Bess runs the 2-6 ‘Riddim Ride’ on Hitz 103.7. Jason is involved in every aspect of the entertainment industry, as he has released numerous songs for Carnival over the years, and has performed at events such as the Blues and Rhythm Festival. He is also a television programme and entertainment host.