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Exclusive Sounds

Exclusive Sounds



EXCLUSIVE SOUNDS Shift: Saturday Base on Hitz noon- 3pm , Reggaemylitis- Wednesdays 8 p.m.-11 p.m. and another shift from 11 pm-1 am.{{more}}

Exclusive Sounds has achieved what every other crew in this country aspires to: that is surviving 21 years and counting in the industry. While the crew has a membership of 12, the above three appear on the shifts. Donovan, the crew’s Managing Director, and Alwin ‘Parpy’ Guy are the group’s remaining original members.

Beside their D.J. skills, Exclusive Sounds also own a sound system the fourth largest in SVG.

Energy is a major part of the group’s performance, and while survival is the major aim of the group for the future, they hope to train up and coming DJS so that the craft can continue.