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Taxi Association playing pivotal role in Tourism

Taxi Association playing pivotal role in Tourism



by Angus Martin President SVG Taxi Drivers Association

The members of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Taxi Drivers Association would like to congratulate the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and in particular the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports, celebrating yet another Tourism Week, November 25th to December 1st, 2007, under the theme “Building a Culture of Service Excellence for SVG’s Tourism Industry”.##m:[More]##

The Taxi Drivers Association plays a pivotal role in the development of Tourism in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and by extension the economy. The Association serves the traveling public with due care and attention, to meet or exceed their expectations, making them comfortable and happy by being reliable, punctual and confidential, thus guaranteeing their safety to and from their destination so as to develop and sell SVG as good ambassadors. We also serve as crime stoppers – working in conjunction with the police as law abiding citizens and making sure that the right insurance is in place, thanks to Uncle Metro.

The Association’s Executive ensures that all members are trained in areas of basic foreign languages, the history of the country and current affairs. Workshops are conducted from time to time where different speakers are invited to speak on various issues, be it local, regional and international.

We partner with government agencies such as the Departments of Forestry and Public Health and the Solid Waste Management Unit, as well as non governmental organizations. In conjunction with these agencies, the Association undertook several projects such as the planting of trees, the cleaning up of the capital Kingstown and assisting senior citizens. To this end, the Association has adopted the Questelles Beach, and a massive cleanup campaign was organized, whereby the beach was cleaned up as part of the activities for the ‘Ocean Conservancy’s International Day’. This site will be enhanced with the placement of bins and the planting of trees, after which seats and washrooms will be installed. The aim is to transform this beach into a prime attraction for locals and tourist alike.

The country’s development and the economy are of utmost importance to the Taxi Association. We are constantly on the look out for new sites that can be developed or remain in their un-spoilt state that can serve as tourist attractions. SVG has a lot to offer, and with good marketing support, more and more tourists will visit our shores. We are some of the first set of persons the tourists would meet, whether they travel by sea or air. Therefore, professionalism is our priority, and we ensure that we deliver quality service, from our dress code and approach right down to their departure.

I would like on behalf of the SVG Taxi Drivers Association to extend my sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism, Youth & Sports for affording us this opportunity.

Service is our business, and excellence is our watch word.