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1900 Bevington 844-pipe organ rebuilt to tune of US$25,000

1900 Bevington 844-pipe organ rebuilt to tune of US$25,000


Standing 16 feet tall and taking up 100 square feet of ground space in the centre of the balcony of the newly renovated Kingstown Methodist Church building, the church organ is truly a majestic piece of engineering.{{more}}

Installed in 1900 and built by Bevington of London, the 844-pipe-organ was recently overhauled to the tune of US$25,000 by David Burke Organ Builders of Barbados.

While the building was being refurbished, the organ was totally dismantled and stored in a shipping container behind the building. David Burke told SEARCHLIGHT that his only fear was that the organ might have been damaged by heat, seeing that it was stored in a metal container, however, that was not the case.

Burke and his assistant Eugene Jordon took two months to reassemble and refurbish the organ. A new bellows made of wood and leather by Burke was installed; the foot pedal division was changed from mechanical to electrical action.

Burke said that while some churches forgo their pipe organs for electrical organs which have a life span of four to six years; pipe organs can last for hundreds of years with proper care and maintenance.

The organ was electrified in 1955 and at press time Burke and his assistant were tuning it in readiness for Sunday’s rededication service. Burke estimated that the organ is worth about half a million EC dollars today. (AC)