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Message from the President



Greetings Fellow Rotaractors!

The spirit of Rotaract lives on strong as we celebrate 21 years in existence. Let us acknowledge the hard work, dedication and rescourcefulness of those Rotaractors who have paved the way.

Rotary and by extension Rotaract have always been pillars in the community. It is our social responsibility to ensure that we work together to organize meaningful projects in our various communities. For 2006/2007 the main mission of the Rotaract Club of Kingstown is “Leading the way, strengthening our communities through Youth involvement and empowerment.” During our Charter Week celebrations we would be focusing on our youths.{{more}}

On March 13th which is also World Rotaract Day all clubs in district 7030 would be embarking on a community project involving juveniles and March 15th, a lecture on “St. Vincent and the Grenadines Child abuse reporting protocol.”

During the year we had our annual Spelling B competition for Primary school children and began a mentoring program for secondary school children under the theme “Each one teach one, reach back and lift as you climb.” We also assisted less fortunate children and their mothers financially and emotionally.

I leave you with these words from Kenneth Blanchard:

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something you accept no excuses only results. Devotion, dedication and duty add energy and possibility to the smallest ambition.”

Presidents, 1996 – 2008

2007/2008 Shevorn Smith (Incoming)

2006/2007 Sandrina Barrock

2005/2006 Camille Soleyn

2004/2005 Corliss Murray

2003/2004 Natasha Jeffrey

2002/2003 Natalie Mitchell

2001/2002 Delia Mc Dowall

2000/2001 Elwyn Phillips

1999/2000 Stephen Roberts

1998/1999 Venita Ross

1997/1998 Elwyn Phillips

1996/1997 Ricardo Fredericks

1995/1996 Venita Ross

1994/1995 Nicole Bonadie Baker

1993/1994 Jean Johnny Findley

1992/1993 David Robin

1991/1992 Decima Alexander

1991/1990 Dave King

1990/1989 Earl Fitzpatrick

1988/1989 Jean Johnny Findley

1987/1988 David Robin

1986/1987 David Robin


President -David Robin

Vice President – Nigel Scott

Secretary- Clotel Young

Treasurer- Jean Johnny Findley


Dave King

Angenella Young

Earl Fitzpatrick

Barry Payne