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Upgrade yourself by going to classes

Upgrade yourself by going to classes


Frances A. Clarke Adult Education Coordinator19.JAN.07

The year has not yet become old so if you are a potential lifelong learner you can still slip in a New Year’s resolution to upgrade yourself by going to classes. With the education revolution, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is becoming one holistic school for students from literacy to Ph.D.

Whether you are a person that cannot sign your name as yet, a worker needing upgrading or preparing for a change of profession, everybody can find something to carry us, the nation’s human resource forward to another level.{{more}}

We are living in challenging but exciting times. Vincentians are accustomed to traveling the globe, going to any place where paying work is available. The difference in the times is, now the qualified competition is greater. For example, we still have a comparative advantage over some places of fertile land, what we need now is a more advanced entrepreneurial farmer who will find niche markets in the surrounding nations or further afield, or who will research the best ways of adding value to our agricultural product.

It’s a New Year; let us not succumb to carrying over all the negative 2006 vibes. Take advantage of whatever is being offered. Also, think carefully and deeply about what you need so that whenever you are asked you will be able to clearly articulate your educational needs. And we will be having our first community interaction for the year 2007 in Chester Cottage at the Community Centre on Thursday February 1, at 5:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there!