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How I benefited from the Adult Literacy Programme



Testimony of Patrick Pitt – Zone 2

I enjoy the classes very much.

I find I’m improving in maths, reading and writing and I find I can do some maths better.

I improved a little in my reading, I improved plenty in my writing.

Before I came to the literacy classes, I couldn’t read, I didn’t have a good handwriting.{{more}}

So I will like to ask everybody out there who has a problem to come to classes.

What have I gained from attending the National Literacy Evening Classes?

Testimony of Bernadette Commissiong

I have no regrets of becoming a member of the literacy classes, because I am enjoying every moment of it. My teacher is very patient with us, and she makes sure that we understand before she moves on.

So I must say that I am gaining a lot from these classes mostly in the area of maths, I am now being able to help my son more with his homework and I have improved on my reading and how and when to use words correctly.

I am hoping that at the end of this programme I will not stay there but I will move on to do more in my studies for myself and my children. We are living in a challenging world.

National Literacy Crusade was very important to me

Testimony of Mr. Bertie Browne – Zone Eight

The National Literacy Crusade was very important to me. I have improved my reading.

I am now able to fill out forms I am able to recognize signs that I did not know. Everybody who thinks they need to improve their reading and other areas should join a class.