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Customers say ‘service is very good’

Customers say ‘service is very good’


“The service is very good!”

This was the jubilant and inspiring response that was given by the members of the National Insurance Service (NIS) on Friday, January 5, at the NIS customers’ appreciation day and exhibition.

Marketing Manager Dawn Small, said that the customers’ appreciation day allows the members of the pubic to share their objectives about how they felt about the service.{{more}}

The public was given the opportunity to educate themselves about the different executive directors and chairman of the company ranging from the time it was established to the present and also about the different aspects of service that they are offering.

There was also the displaying of the different uniforms that were worn by the staff of the company during the past years and other hand made items including drapes and crochet.

Deputy Executive Director, Mineva Glasgow, said there has been an increase in the number of persons joining the NIS from 2000 to 2006 as a result of an educational and awareness program.

The appreciation day was part of the activities to celebrate the NIS’ 20th anniversary. Celebrations will end on Saturday January 13 with an NIS Awards Dinner at the Golden Years Centre at Sugar Mill Inn.