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Petersville shaping minds for 41 years

Petersville shaping minds for 41 years


Founded by Edna Peters in 1965, the Petersville Primary school started with just 30 students and just a few teachers. On October 6, as the school marked its 41st anniversary, it had 350 students and 15 teachers.

Roslyn Peters said that her mother Edna, was a teacher at the Kingstown Anglican school but after retiring, she still wanted to continue teaching and decided to open her own school which at the time was located downstairs their home. Expanded now to its own building and with both parents being teachers, it’s no wonder that teaching came naturally to Roslyn.{{more}}

After her mother passed away Roslyn took over the school in 1973. Immediately the new head teacher was faced with the challenges of running a non-government school.

“It is not very easy because school fees don’t always come in on time and you have to pay staff and ensure that the school building is kept running. It is not easy,” she lamented.

The principal continued: “Running a school is not profitable, sometimes you have to do without paying yourself. We have had a few committed parents who have over the years helped in various fund raising activities such as concerts, fairs and food sales which have ensured that the school survived.”

Peters said that she is proud of the various professions that her graduates now hold – doctors, carpenters, lawyers and teachers among others.

In comparing the past with the present, Peters said that students of long ago were well disciplined and often stayed late to study while today with many distractions, such as television, video games and the Internet, children are spending less time with their books.

She remembers one of her most scary moments as a teacher was when a student had an epileptic seizure; she was able to remain calm and took control of the situation. Peters recounted many cheerful moments such as the academic achievements of the school of the Common Entrance Examination, but said that socialising with the children on trips to Disney World and tours around the Caribbean stand out most profoundly in her mind.

In the future Peters hopes to establish a computer lab and to also have a first form, especially for students who did not do well in the Common Entrance exams. She said that while she does not have children of her own, the students have fulfilled that aspect of her life. She has made an effort to go around all the classes and knows everyone by name.

She also praised the teachers for their commitment to children noting that she could not run the school without their help. She also made special mention of her niece Chinwoka Peters residing in England, nephew Wayne McKenzie living in Canada who also ensure that the school is kept running with their contributions and her late sister Joyce Peters McKenzie.

Leaving some advice for parents, Peters urged them to spend more time with their children and to ensure that they get the necessary discipline. With over 40 years as a teacher, Peters also encouraged parents to get to know the teachers and to inquire about their children’s progress so that they could do more at home to help.

Some past students of the Petersville Primary school include manager of Digicel Martin Bollers, lawyer Lyndon George, Dr Lisa Bachuss and Dr Malcom Grant.

The motto of the School is; “It is Only Hard Work that leads on to Success.”