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Joseph: He taught me a lot about life

Joseph: He taught me a lot about life


Lloyd Lewis has been credited with helping many young men find their way in life. Roger Joseph is a testimony. He has been working at Lloyd’s Barbershop for the past 14 years. He is the supervisor of the Market branch.

“I enjoy working with Lloyd,” he said, “he taught me a lot about life… how to manage money, as well as other social aspects.”

Joseph was inclined towards hair cutting before he hooked up with Lewis.{{more}}

“I used to cut hair but I never knew that I would have ended up with Lloyd,” he said adding that Lewis has stayed abreast of technology.

He reminisced on the days of razors and combs but today electric clipper gets the job done much faster.

For Joseph, Lewis has established a legacy that he believes must live on.

“I am here to make sure (Lloyd’s) legacy goes on,” Joseph asserted.

Joseph is a sports enthusiast, a lover of football, table tennis and squash.